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Each participant is placed in the appropriate group for his/her age and level then matched with 8-10 other students. Every group is assigned one instructor throughout the program (unless otherwise advised by snow school supervisor). This gives the instructor time to work individually with each participant and fine tune his/her skiing or snowboarding skills. The small group size also gives the participants a chance to develop friendships with others in their group. Please carefully read the following descriptions and select the number which best describes the CURRENT level. When filling out the enrollment form, indicated the sport (skiing or snowboarding) and level. Once the numbered groups are formed, we can then make more accurate splits within the larger groups already created.

  • LEVEL 1 First-time skiing experience

  • LEVEL 2 Skiers can make a wedge and stop, but have difficulty turning

  • LEVEL 3 Skiers are making linked wedge turns in both directions and can comfortably ride the chair lift and ski the green beginner runs

  • LEVEL 4 Skiers start their turns in a wedge opening and begin a matching of the skis at the turnís completion, creating a skidded turn finish - the skiers have effective speed control

  • LEVEL 5 Skiers start their turns in a wedge opening and match their skis around the fall line or in the middle of their turn on easier blue runs - this type of skier completes the entire second half of the turn in a wide stance parallel

  • LEVEL 6 Skiers are making beginning parallel turns on green terrain - on blue runs, the skiers are using a wedge opening just to get the turn started and are parallel throughout most of the turn - level 6 skiers are very comfortable on blue runs

  • LEVEL 7 Student skis in a comfortable, open-stance parallel on all blue and less-challenging, groomed, black terrain - the student also skis in very easy blue bumps, maintaining speed control

  • LEVEL 8 The skier is advanced and can ski black runs aggressively and confidently - these are strong parallel skiers who may have some difficulty with varying terrain and snow conditions - further refinement of dynamic carved turns and situational skiing are the focus here

  • LEVEL 9 Skier is proficient in all kinds of skiing at dynamic speeds - at this level, class has an emphasis on tactics and strong, aggressive deliberate skiing

  • LEVEL 1 First-time snowboarding experience

  • LEVEL 2 The snowboarder can perform a skidded traverse on both heel-side and toe-side edges and can stop - the rider can perform a simple falling-leaf maneuver to both heel-side and toe-side edges (a skidded traverse with a slight uphill turn to reverse directions)

  • LEVEL 3 The rider can perform skidded traverses and garlands in both directions with confidence and can make toe side and heel side turns

  • LEVEL 4 The rider can turn in both directions with speed control, is working toward linking turns, and is beginning active use of flexion/extension movements of the hips, knees, and ankles

  • LEVEL 5 The rider is linking skidded turns with good speed control and shape, and is seeking more challenging terrain - rhythm is evident in the riding - a variety of turn size is apparent

  • LEVEL 6 The rider is confident on most intermediate terrain under good conditions and is beginning to carve turns; he or she can comfortably do skidded turns of different size under control

  • LEVEL 7 The rider is comfortable on all intermediate terrain under good conditions - he or she is fine-tuning carved turns and is seeking more challenging terrain, including bumps, as well as varying snow conditions

  • LEVEL 8 The rider is confident performing carved turns and is refining technique in all snow conditions and terrain

  • LEVEL 9 The snowboarder can ride the entire mountain with confidence and ease, working on the fine points of efficiency and turn shape and exploring the extremes of riding


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