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Equipment Checklist

All equipment and clothing should be clearly marked. The most effective way to keep track of all gear is to use a waterproof marker to write your childís last name on masking tape. Label all loose items including skis/snowboard, boots, bags, jackets and helmets.

Ski and/or snowboard equipment must be obtained prior to each Saturdayís departure. For safety reasons, we require every participant to obtain modern ski/snowboard equipment, including:

  1. Skis or snowboard with bindings
  2. Ski or snowboard boots
  3. Snowboard leash or ski brakes
  4. Ski poles (skiers only)
Special lease and rental packages are available to Blue Angel participants at participating retail outlets. Each of the participating shops will have a listing of all Blue Angel participants.

Participants are also required to come prepared for all weather conditions. Temperatures in the mountains range from below freezing to 65 degrees. Required proper ski/snowboard attire includes:

  1. Ski/snowboard pants and jacket - insulated and waterproof
  2. Thermal underwear
  3. Ski sweater or heavy sweatshirt
  4. Ski/snowboard gloves or mittens - waterproof and insulated
  5. Blue Angel helmet (provided at orientation)
  6. Face protection - scarf and/or neck gaiter
  7. Ski/snowboard socks
It is imperative that all participants have proper protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The sunís rays are more powerful at high altitude (even on cloudy days), and can cause permanent eye damage and severe sunburn.
  1. Sunglasses - Select sunglasses or goggles guaranteed to protect the eyes from the ultra-violet rays of the sun
  2. Sunscreen - All participants are required to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of the skin (lips, face, ears, etc.)
Your child will get the most out of the program if he or she is dressed in the appropriate attire and is constantly protected from the natural elements. Please consult your local shop for additional advice regarding equipment and clothing.


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